This is an exclusive event for the MetaFight Pass holders & Whitelisted

You will be able to fight against other players with fighter cards airdropped to your Ternoa Wallet (Testnet)

How to play? Register your cards in the available leagues, fight opponents, get points and reach the top of the leaderboard to get rewards!

Let the fight begin!

Enter ProtoFight Training

The world's First Fight to Earn

Prelaunch Phase - Mainnet Targeting Q2 2022

Metafight is a platform where fighter cards are NFTs, each representing a professional MMA Fighter. Fight in leagues, enhance your deck and improve your cards !

Join the NFT experience, and start your fighter story !

When you’re in the cage the outcome is never written in advance.

Your fighter card will be matched up with another challenger in the same specific league two players are registered to.

Based on the fighter card power and boosts granted by passive assets & special NFTs, the outcome of the match is decided by a roll dice. Therefore, there are possibilities to optimise your strategy at different levels :

The placement of your fighters in the leagues : will you place your strongest fighters in a more difficult league, facing strong(er) fighters to have a chance to get higher reward? Or will you play safe by playing in less difficult leagues to get more frequent rewards but less valuable?

Regarding the deck’s building there are tons of possibilities around the best strategy to adopt : to focus on quantity of fighters over quality to hope to get more reward? Or on the contrary focus on a smaller number of fighters to raise your chances to earn reward?

Which path will you take ?


Fighter infos

Publishing date

Metafight score


Collect your favorite MMA fighters

Fighter cards are the principal asset in the platform, you can make them fight by registering them in leagues. One card is able to compete in one league at a time followed by a resting period.

The higher the rarity, the higher the basic power of the fighter will be.

The main channel to get your hands on fighter cards will be through the marketplace. Boosters will be sold at affordable prices so that you can easily try the experience. More expensive boosters will be available containing more chances to get some of the rarest cards. Lastly, you will be able to deal your fighter cards with others.

The more you fight, the more NFTs you earn

The Cage Event is the ultimate reward access for the most assiduous contenders. You will have to accomplish daily and weekly challenges in order to stack points. The best among all of you will get acces to an exclusive sale with special NFTs. It will take form of a classic auction system as well as a fixed price one based on the different rarities.

Those special NFTs are very limited, and heavy worked design assets that are linked to a fighter, trainer or known figure in the MMA sphere. Their ownership grants large boosts toward the associated fighter card.

Silver league

League open to Silver Fighter Cards

Veronica Macedo League

League open to Veronica Fighter Cards

Middleweight League

League open to Middleweight Fighter Cards

Register your fighter, fight in a league, win & get rewards!

What are the leagues? They are the place where you can register your fighter cards to make them encounter other fighers. Based on your result with all your fights within the league, you will be ranked in a leaderboard and your position will grant you rewards. Their duration can vary from a couple of hours to a whole week !

The leagues are governed by a wide variety of criteria. The requirement to register your fighters can depend upon their rarity, age, nationality, status, ... or are even only open to certain fighters.

The rewards in a first phase will be fighter cards, passive cards & boosters. In a second phase rewards in cryptocurrency are planned to join the reward program. Finally, there will be two kind of leagues : regular ones & premium ones with even greater rewards.

Meet your future champions !

MetaFight is proud to invite you, in partnership with ARES, in our Metaverse to watch live the upcoming fights from ARES VI ! Get back there on May 20 at 6PM to get to the code to enter into the event ! For those who doesn't know yet, click the link below to be ready to enter into the Metaverse by downloading the client !

How to enter in the metaverse

Buy your early access to MetaFight

MetaFight Pass First Edition - Collection | Rarible & Opensea

The MetaPass

The MetaPass* is a digital card that gives access to special content.

It offers advantageous price-quality ratio for the items included and allows preview access to the Metaverse & Alpha Access to MetaFight and more.

*This pass is not mandatory to access the MetaFight platform on official release

Bronze Silver Gold
Validity 3 months 1 year Lifetime
Kickstart cards booster airdrop 1 2 3
Regular cards boosters airdrop
Alpha & Beta access Early access Early access Early access
Alpha & Beta starter cards 1 bronze 1 bronze - 1 silver 1 bronze - 1 silver - 1 gold
Metaverse Access
Special merch & unlockable sales
Special NFT sales Free access Free access
Exclusive 2023+ contents
Supply total 350 150 15
Supply Giveaway 35 10 1
Supply 1st Edition 30 (0.03eth) 10 (0.1eth) 3 (1eth)
Supply 2nd Edition 40 (0.03eth) 20 (0.11eth) 3 (1.1eth)
Supply 3rd Edition 80 (0.03eth) 40 (0.12eth) 6 (1.12eth)

*Third drop will last 48 hours



Round #0 - Training session
  • Fighters Name Disclosure
  • Christmas Challenge
  • 12/25 : Christmas Challenge rewards


Round #1 : Prepare For Fight
  • First wave of NFT unveiling
  • Announcement of the Ciryl Gane Challenge
  • MetaFight Pass Sale

Early Q1 2022

Round #2 : Enter The Cage
  • Dapp Alpha 1 Launch on Testnet
  • Ciryl Gane Challenge Part2
  • Accumulate Cage Fragments!

Late Q1 2022

Round #3 : Get your challengers
  • Ciryl Gane Challenge NFTs rewards distribution
  • Next challenge reveal and Alpha 2 Launch on Testnet
  • Early access to the Challenge for the pass owners

Early Q2 2022

Round #4 : Fight your opponent
  • Access to new Cage Event & launch a new Challenge
  • Launch of the Beta phase with 1 VS 1 fight on the Testnet
  • Early access to the Challenge for the pass owners

Q2 2022

Round #5 : Start your fighter story!
  • Launch of MetaFight Mainnet!
  • & Much more to be announced

to be continued...

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A white paper been specially prepares to explain the values and implementation of the MetaFight project.

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